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Studying in Spain is a unique experience. Jedes Jahr kommen Tausende von Studenten an die spanischen Universitäten. Degrees recognized around the world, quality and diversity in the academic offer, admission without working, education in Spanish and English, quality and security of life are some of the reasons why being a university student in Spain is a great option.

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Why study in Spain?

Studying in Spain is a great advantage thanks to the quality of its education. In recent years the university system has been changing, and this has given it quality and excellence, mainly in terms of research methods. Due to the above, its universities are one of the most recognized worldwide, offering different services and research centers, as well as student residences and other areas of interest. On the other hand, Spain has the best universities in the world, which is why they rank among the top universities in the world..

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A large number of graduate programs have a virtual or blended mode.

A unique experience

Quality teaching + an unbeatable experience studying in Spain

Study in Spain at UNIA:

It is the way to be part of an institution defined by educational excellence, the commitment to new technologies, the promotion and encouragement of innovation, the development of skills that prepare us for the transition to integration into the world of work in the service of our professional goals.

UNIA is committed to educational excellence:

In a global world dominated by new technologies, it is increasingly important to have interactive training, in which students play a decisive role and motivate a competitive faculty of motivated teachers selected for their educational excellence. The interaction of professors and teachers in a global, modern, innovative environment, marked by specialization and the use of advanced pedagogical techniques and first class technological tools is what defines a University that seeks to form the leaders of tomorrow.

A global campus in an Autonomous Community open to the World

Studying at the International University of Andalusia allows you to be part of a global campus in cities like Malaga, Jaen, Huelva or Seville, always open to the world, modern, advanced, dynamic, changing and always interesting. Cities with an excellent climate, the best services and the most interesting first level cultural options and perfectly communicated with other cities in Spain.

Studying at the Universidad Internacional Andalucía is to be part of a campus that allows you to savor the culture and history of Spain in a multicultural environment, open to innovation perceived not only as a challenge but also as an inspiration to create a more sustainable world in which culture and education are a constant.

Career opportunities:

Studying at the UNIA allows students to acquire specialized knowledge and innovative training combined with mastery of the skills and technological tools necessary to train leaders and place their students at the top of the professional career ladder, facilitating the training of excellence that allows the transition from training to the practice of the profession or the option for a high-level research activity.

Studying at the UNIA is to bet on a better start in the beginning of the professional activity.

Study in Spain

Study in Spain is an intelligent decision. Spain is a country that offers numerous and extraordinary attractions to do so.

It’s history in the first place. Spain is a country with an unparalleled historical background that comes to us in each of its cities and towns. With a legacy of the many peoples that have passed through Spain and that offers a great variety and richness. In Spain we can find perfectly preserved Roman aqueducts and theaters, walled cities (Avila, Pedraza, Plasencia, Toledo) the best of Romanesque (Palencia, Zamora, Segovia), Gothic cathedrals (Burgos, Leon), the sobriety of the Herreriano (El Escorial), the Plateresque splendor (Salamanca) or the refinement of its palaces and gardens (La Granja, Aranjuez, the Royal Palace of Madrid), without forgetting the best art galleries, such as the incomparable Prado Museum or some of the most innovative (Reina Sofia).

Sevilla main square

Secondly, Spain offers a varied and rich landscape and environment in which different ecosystems coexist (continental, Atlantic, Mediterranean, with the beauty and uniqueness of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands), fauna (bears, wolves, lynx, deer, chamois, etc… ) in natural areas that deserve the highest protection and offer experiences that will delight nature lovers, photographers and hikers (Hoces del Duratón, Cabañeros, Tablas de Daimiel, Doñana, Monte Perdido, Albufeda, Costa da Morte, Fisterra, etc.).

Spain is the country of the Camino de Santiago, the Ruta de la Plata or the Ruta de los Canales de Castilla. It is the country of the Holy Week with the contrasts of the beauty and fervor of Andalusia and the austerity of Castile. It is the country of traditional festivals, (San Fermin, San Isidro, the Fallas, Fiestas de San Juan, the Carnival of Cadiz, the festivities of Grace, Moors and Christians …). Spain is the country of Don Quixote, Quevedo, Góngora, La Celestina, Velázquez and Goya, Gaudí, Dalí, Miró and Picasso, but also Teresa de Ávila, San Juan de la Cruz, Miguel Hernández or Antonio Machado, Tapies and Chillida, Pérez Reverte and Javier Marías … a place of the past and present culture.

A gastronomic offer

Spain is its people, friendly, attentive, sociable. With a gastronomic offer that enjoys a well-deserved prestige and which combines a wide variety of natural products of Spain brand, through types and varieties of cuisine, traditional and innovative and a careful offer of wines, champagnes … top quality.

A country with an University tradition

Spain is a country with a university history and tradition, not only because it has some of the oldest universities in the world (Salamanca, 1218), but also because it currently has a first-class university offer, with quality, open to new technologies, with faculty made up of the best teachers and with innovative methods that combine rigor and modernity.